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Seiko Divers watches

Seiko Divers watch

Seiko Divers watch remain the standard quality in dive watches. Seiko helped in providing the standard for diver’s watches in the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). 

In 1965, the first Seiko diver’s watch was invented it comprises automatic and self-winding 150 meter water resistant. After a decade, the world’s first 600 meter Professional Diver’s watch was invented, it was a great accomplishment in engineering; a dive watch that changed the world’s standards.The succeeding years of improving the quality and functionality of Seiko watch has become a great success in contributing on the field of divers. Today, most of water diving enthusiasts prefer to use Seiko since they released a large range of finest watches for almost century. Seiko has a never-ending technical challenge in producing dive watches; some of the greatest acheivement of engineering a diver's watch are Titanium Divers, Computer Divers, Spring Divers, Kinetic Divers and Prospex Divers WatchIn particular, Seiko presents several excellent dive watches which can definitely deliver on consumer expectations.