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Casio watch

Casio WatchesCasio was established in April 1946 in Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan by Kashio Tadao. Casio is a leading company in producing calculators, mobile phones, cameras, musical instruments and watches. Today, they offer an original and excellent product that is very useful to everyone. Moreover, They also produce products that innovates watches technology which assist people in their daily lives and they keep the society move forward.

Casio Watches have engineered timepieces that provides accurate time information. Casio’s cutting edge technologies such as chronograph watch, divers watch, pilot watch, computer watch and among others have set a standard in the world of watchmaking. Casio is progressively equipping people from fashion, sports to science and they ensure that their products always meet universal needs at their excellent masterpiece. They are a big influence in the innovation of watch technologies and still pursuing to enhance the technology of watches.