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Citizen Eco-drive Watches

Citizen Eco-Drive Watches

Citizen Eco-Drive watches are known for its technological advancements and professional excellence. The company is always committed to meet the expectations of 'citizens' all over the world. Citizen watches are the outcome of the company's creativity and technology. With a new dynamic slogan, 'Micro Human Tech', the company is continuing its gallops in watch industry. The company makes a fusion for all technologies such as energy saving technology, measurement technology, precision processing technology and production technology with simple and beautiful designs for the manufacturing of Citizen Eco-drive watches.

Eco-Drive watches are coming with titanium lithium ion secondary battery. It gets power from amorphous silicon cell, which is placed behind the dial. These watches are able to absorb natural and artificial lights through the dial. A special solar cell is helping to convert light into energy. These Citizen Eco-drive watches are able to store maximum energy to power the watch even in darkness because these are able to use light from any source. The company has developed this series of watch by combining the technology and beauty. It allows a carefree wear to the customers.