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Casio G-Shock watches

Casio G-Shock Watches

Casio G-Shock watches are no doubt the very best wrist watch money can buy that are available. It was given birth from Casio's desire of developing a watch which will hardly ever fail. Guided by the Triple 10 development concept, the design teams sought a wristwatch with 10 meter free fall endurance, 100 to 200 meter water resistance plus a 10 year battery life (The latest model even is power by tough solar technology. In reference to Mark Bowden's book Blackhawk Down, the famous DELTA Operators were wearing Casio G-Shock during the combat events from October 3rd to October 4th. Ever since that time, G-Shocks wrist watches are now extremely popular with Special Forces in both NATO nation units and American special force unit since it is being combat tested.

Casio G-Shock watch is different from any other watch brands and the reason is the toughness of the watch. In Addition, they are known for their design and function of the watch. This watches are made for any type of man looking in different purposes. Furthermore, this watches are designed primary for sports and outdoor adventure oriented activity, so practically almost all Casio G-Shock watches features stopwatch, countdown timer, light and also water resistant.