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Seiko Quartz Watches

Seiko Quartz watches

Seiko Quartz Watch is one of the greatest innovations in watches history. On December 25, 1969,  Seiko has released Seiko Quartz Astron the first quartz watch in the world. It was a big success in contributing to the standard in the development of todays quartz watches. Seiko gives patent and opened this unique technology in the world that helps in developing future watches.

Quartz watch uses an electronic oscillator which is regulated by a quartz crystal to keep time, this will generate signals with a very precise frequency. Quartz watches use a small amount of energy as a result the battery can last long for several years. That is one of the advantages of using quartz watch, another edge of this technology is it  gives more accurate time than mechanical watches. Today, many quartz watches are available in the world market and Seiko is still pushing on the boundaries of quartz technology to create more finest and quality watch in the world.